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Eight Silicon Valley startups helping businesses innovate with data management

  • ScaleFlux 
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Information Age recently attended the 46th edition of the IT Press Tour in Silicon Valley, to learn how eight storage and management startups are innovating with data.

This article will delve into nine startups that featured on the 45th edition of the IT Press Tour in Silicon Valley. The conference, which commenced between the 10th and 14th October 2022, featured presentations from companies on various points of their journeys, all of which are finding new ways for organisations and society to gain value from data.

Read on to find out more about nine of the hottest data startups taking the Silicon Valley tech scene by storm.


ScaleFlux is a Series C startup aiming to offer “a better SSD” by tackling the exponential growth of data without adding to the complexity often faced by organisations. The drives offered by the company — founded in 2014 — assist a shift by customers from computer-centric, to more data-centric processing. Data navigated through its product is compressed to minimise storage taken up.

ScaleFlux’s next-generation SSD only needs one chip to operate, with no software driver needed to install. Three drive versions are offered by the company: CSD 2000; CSD 3000; and NSD 3000. Customers using ScaleFlux’s drives include NVIDIA, Alibaba and Tencent. Additionally, integration partnerships are in place with HPE and Aerospike.

The company’s plans for 2023 consist of additional models with more capacity options and PCIe Gen 5 support, as well as further collaboration.



ScaleFlux is the pioneer in deploying Computational Storage at scale. Computational Storage is the foundation for modern, data-driven infrastructure that enables responsive performance, affordable scaling, and agile platforms for compute and storage I/O intensive applications. Founded in 2014, ScaleFlux is a well-funded startup with leaders proven to deploy complex computing and solid-state storage solutions in volume.