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Key customer benefits

Enhanced Data Throughput

Achieve higher data transfer rates to support demanding applications

Penalty Free Data Reduction

Leverage data compression to save storage costs without hurting application performance

Improved Cluster Efficiency

Complete jobs faster and with less hardware to improve power and cost efficiency

“Our clients are shifting to all-Flash clusters to improve the performance of their Ceph deployments.  Ordinarily, turning on data compression to save storage space adds latency and decreases cluster performance.  With the ScaleFlux drives, clients get the benefits of data compression without the penalties to performance and latency.”

CTO at Clyso

Challenge: Petabyte-scale struggles

A leading financial services industry firm found their SDS was becoming problematic for their market research workloads, with the cluster performance unable to keep up with growing application demands. The result:  long job processing times and inefficient use of the compute resources. 

Solution: A better SSD with write reduction technology

The ScaleFlux CSD 3000 with write reduction technology minimizes read/write interference at the NAND level. Not only does this result in higher performance and lower latency, but it also allows the user to store more data per TB of Flash (i.e. increases effective capacity or TBe). Using hardware engines in the SSD controller to perform the data compression avoids the typical penalties that occur with CPU-based compression.

Results: A more efficient, more cost-effective, and more feature-rich SDS solution

Scale performance, capacity, and capability by offloading data compression to purpose-built processors in the SSDs

ScaleFlux drives are the best SSDs for SDS. With the compression/decompression engines built into each SSD, there’s no worry of clogging up the CPU and losing out on performance scaling as additional drives are added. The compression function happens transparently and is managed via standard NVMe commands.  CSD 3000 brings added functionality that SDS solutions have struggled to provide while still meeting users’ demanding SLAs.

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