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Helping you overcome scaling and efficiency challenges with innovative storage solutions for the data-centric economy.

Scale Flux Storage

In our world of digital transformation.

The emergence and evolution of technologies such as cloud computing, Big Data analytics, AI, autonomous driving, IoT, and genomics, all accelerate the production and consumption of huge volumes of data.

This introduces tremendous challenges for everyone tasked with handling this avalanche of data – database architects & admins, application developers, hardware architects, data center managers, dev-ops, and IT procurement teams just to name a few.

ScaleFlux is focused on helping you overcome these challenges by providing you with innovative Computational Storage Solutions.

The term “Computational Storage” covers a broad array of products designed to improve infrastructure efficiency and application performance by offloading tasks from the CPU to the storage devices (either directly into the drives or into an accelerator between the CPU and the drives). These Computational Storage Devices (CSx) enable distributed, parallel processing and alleviate bottlenecks at the host CPU/DRAM, on the network & storage I/O.

Scalable and Parallel Processing

By adding compute resources to the drives, processing capacity scales with storage capacity and storage throughput. The compute engines in the drives can be right-sized to match the storage throughput, avoiding the bottlenecks that occur with centralized processing of tasks such as compression, encryption, and data preparation for analytics.

Easy Deployment

We understand that deploying new technology can be daunting. So, one of our guiding principles is to keep the deployment simple. ScaleFlux provides turnkey solutions (with no third-party software, firmware, customer development or programming required), as well as enabling users to develop and deploy their own custom functions.

ScaleFlux drives and processors install PCIe Drives (U.2, U.3, E1.x) or half-height, half-length PCIe Add-in Cards into standard industry slots.

ScaleFlux gives users the freedom to change certain settings (such as overprovisioning, read priority, and user capacity) to optimize the balance of storage space, performance, latency and endurance for their application. No more having to buy one SKU for your most latency-sensitive application and a different SKU for your most cost-sensitive application.


Meet the ScaleFlux drives.