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From off-the-shelf SSDs to customized storage and memory components, ScaleFlux has you covered.

Engaging with ScaleFlux

At ScaleFlux, innovation in storage and memory technology is in our DNA.  The efficient development of enterprise-class components and firmware is our underlying core capability.  Making this technology easy for our customers and partners to deploy is our mantra!  To that end, we strive to make deploying our products simple, while providing customers and partners with flexibility in how they engage with our technology. 

ScaleFlux NVMe SSDs with Computational Storage

Off the shelf solutions for rapid deployment

ScaleFlux SSDs with computational storage are a breakthrough in enterprise and data center SSD capability.  The integration of computational storage engines directly into the SSD is a gamechanger.  This technology not only enhances drive-level performance, TCO, and efficiency, but also translates to improvements at the system, rack, and data center-level. 

We understand that deploying new technology can be daunting. So, we’ve kept the deployment simple. ScaleFlux SSDs with computational storage are fully compliant with industry standards:

  • NVMe drivers 
  • NVMe configuration and management commands 
  • Industry standard SSD form factors (U.2, U.3, E1.S, E3.S, etc) 
  • No custom software to install 
  • No application development required 

ScaleFlux gives users the freedom to change certain settings (such as overprovisioning, read priority, and user capacity) to optimize the balance of storage space, performance, latency, and endurance for their application. No more having to buy one SKU for your most latency-sensitive application and a different SKU for your most cost-sensitive application. 

ScaleFlux Custom SoC Service

When standard components just won’t do

Designing, validating, testing, and verifying complex System-on-Chip processors that integrate high-speed interfaces, efficient processors, security features, specialized processing engines, data integrity and error correction capabilities on an advanced lithography is a daunting undertaking, requiring significant OpEx and CapEx commitments, intimate knowledge of customer and market requirements, and highly efficient execution to deliver a fully functional SoC on time.  Coding, testing, and debugging the firmware to make those SoCs sing adds another layer of complexity that can consume tens of engineers, months (or years) of time and millions of dollars.   

ScaleFlux has built up the teams and processes to tackle the SoC and firmware development challenge.  Connect with us to solve your storage and memory SoC challenges.  


Meet the ScaleFlux drives.