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SFX 3016

An SoC ASIC flash controller powering the next-gen NVMe SSDs

SFX 3016, ScaleFlux’s SoC controller, is the future of NVMe SSDs with transparent compression and advanced four-tiered technology for enterprise. 

The enterprise storage landscape is evolving rapidly, and at its forefront is the “SFX 3016” – a state-of-the-art flash controller silicon chip designed specifically for integrating computational storage technology into enterprise solid-state NVMe drives. With this game-changing controller (SFX 3016), SSDs experience a dramatic boost in system-level performance and drive functionality, without adding the complexity of software changes. 

SFX 3000 SoC controller

Key benefits of SFX 3000

SFX 3000 SoC controller

A robust flash subsystem that boasts 16 channels coupled with a variable length mapping flash translation layer.

SFX 3000 SoC controller

A purpose-built hardware compute engine adept at functions like block-level compression and decompression.

SFX 3000 SoC controller

Powerful embedded cores, driven by two quad-core ARM clusters, ensuring efficient operations.

Setting the gold standard in enterprise NVMe drives with transparent compression, quad-core power, and cutting-edge technologies. 

Among its standout features, the transparent compression is a game-changer. This innovative approach facilitates hardware data compression directly within the SSD, entirely unbeknownst to the host. The beauty of our SoC controller, SFX 3016, is in its simplicity. Despite its sophisticated capabilities, it doesn’t add any complexity compared to other computational storage technologies. It seamlessly integrates using standard NVMe drivers, eliminating the need for additional software or any tricky application reconfigurations.

Unparalleled performance with the SFX 3016

  • High cost
  • Highest power consumption per IO
  • Complexity

SFX 3000 Next-gen Computational Storage Processor use a single-chip architecture optimized for for efficiency

  • Cost efficient
  • Lowest power consumption per IO
  • Simplicity

How to partner with ScaleFlux 

Connect with us to assess how ScaleFlux silicon technologies could help you build a next-generation SSD to fit your needs.