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CSD 2000

No compromise with the CSD 2000 series

Create more value from data without compromising performance, cost, or footprint, using computational storage SSD.

CSD 2000
CSD 2000

The ScaleFlux® CSD 2000 Series sets a new standard for latency goals for performance consistency across workloads (random read/write IOPs).

Where other SSDs’ performance rapidly drops off as even a small percentage of writes are introduced into the workload, the CSD 2000’s data path compression/ decompression engines enable the drive both to store more GB of data per GB of Flash and to maintain high performance within a narrow band regardless of the read/write mix.

The CSD 2000 Series combines up to 8TB of the latest 3D NAND Flash technology with hardware-accelerated compute engines, achieving incredible data read/write speeds and consistently low latency to boost application performance.

CSD 2000

CSD 2000 with NVMe

The CSD 2000 Series is the ONLY PCIe SSD with data-path compression and decompression.

CSD 2000
CSD 2000 Series Data Sheet

How to buy

ScaleFlux Computational Storage Drives can be conveniently ordered from our Value-Added Reseller (VARs) or Distributor partners and are qualified on an ever-growing list of OEM systems.

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