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Ultra-low latency: Unchain the power of your apps with xiRAID and ScaleFlux

Davide Villa at Xinnor & Keith McKay at ScaleFlux

30-min video

This webinar is a collaboration between Xinnor, a frontrunner in software-based RAID technology, and ScaleFlux, a leader in computational storage SSD solutions. The session will feature a compelling case study with Aerospike, a flash-based KV store, to demonstrate the synergy between Xinnor and ScaleFlux in delivering ultra-low latency solutions. We will also dissect the challenges RAID faces in high-performance contexts and showcase innovative solutions offered by both companies.

The ever-growing demand for high performance in storage environments puts traditional RAID technology under significant stress; we should not discount RAID’s relevance.

Key points:

Challenges of RAID in High-Performance Environments: Gain insights into the performance bottlenecks and CPU overhead inherent in RAID systems.

• Impact of RAID on SSDs: We will examine challenges like write amplification and capacity trade-offs in SSDs and how Xinnor and ScaleFlux mitigate them.

• Software RAID from Xinnor:

o High-performance RAID technology that aligns with NVMe performance.

o Low CPU overhead.

o No added hardware components.

o User-friendly software.

• Computational SSDs from ScaleFlux:

o Reducing write-to-read interference.

o Addressing dual writes in RAID5. o Managing reconstruction traffic interference.

o Extending capacity to recover space consumed by parity data and beyond.

Case Study with Aerospike: Discover how combining Xinnor and ScaleFlux’s technologies yields an ultra-low latency, NVMe performance storage solution.