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The Guide to Optimizing Storage and Performance Without Tradeoffs

Keith McKay, Director of Application Engineering @ScaleFlux & Alexey Stolyar, Development Director @ICC

30-min video

Watch this video of ScaleFlux and International Computer Concepts (ICC) for an enlightening webinar focusing on innovative solutions to current challenges in data management and storage efficiency. As industries face a shortage in storage capacity and increased demand for high-performance computing, the importance of effective data compression becomes undeniable. This webinar delves into the critical themes of maintaining and increasing storage capacity without compromising on performance, even in markets where resources are scarce.

  • Who is ScaleFlux? The company revolutionizing storage with integrated compression technology.
  • Advanced Compression Features: Explore how ScaleFlux’s in line compression technology not only enhances performance but also expands storage capacity without the usual trade-offs.
  • Handling Non-Compressible Data: What happens when data cannot be compressed? We discuss the efficiency of ScaleFlux drives in various scenarios.
  • Ease of Use: Learn about the plug-and-play capability of our drives, which do not require special drivers, making them an easy addition to any setup.
  • Performance Insights: A look at the impressive performance metrics that can be achieved with our technology, backed by real-world use cases.
  • Special Focus on Packet Capture: Understand how our drives support high-frequency trading operations by improving real-time market analysis and latency optimization through packet capture devices.
  • Future Technologies: Preview upcoming innovations aimed at supporting larger capacity drives.

This session is a must-see for professionals eager to leverage cutting-edge technology in low latency environments. Whether you’re dealing with non-compressible data or looking for ways to optimize your high-frequency trading platform, discover how ScaleFlux can provide the solutions you need for both immediate and future requirements.