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Should you care about your SSD?

JB Baker, VP of Product & Marketing at ScaleFlux

30-min video

Rethinking how your SSD choice affects system-level efficiency, utilization, TCO, and user experience.

The existing crop of NVMe SSDs from the NAND vendors are vanilla, with little to differentiate one from another. They are all fast… at least at first. What if your choice of SSD vendor could help resolve your challenges around scaling up capability, scaling out capacity, TCO, budget, power efficiency & sustainability? That is the question that drives the innovation ScaleFlux put into its SSD architecture. In this session, learn more about the system, cluster, and deployment-level benefits that you can realize through using these drives instead of ordinary enterprise SSDs.

We highlight what types of applications can see the biggest benefits (and admit the ones that will not) as well as giving you a behind the scenes investigate how the drive architecture has been re-thought to optimize for performance, efficiency, sustainability, and TCO while eliminating the tradeoffs you deal with in ordinary drives.