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Securing Future: Enhanced Infrastructure via Encryption & Storage Drives

Tong Zhang, Co-founder & Chief Scientist at ScaleFlux

30-min video

A 30-minute video exploring how cutting-edge security-first infrastructure can harness the power of emerging computational storage drives (CSDs) to elevate data security to new heights. In today’s digital age, prioritizing data security is essential, with most data undergoing encryption by host CPUs/DPUs before being dispatched to storage devices or servers. Despite the prevailing belief that this practice renders CSDs obsolete, our webinar aims to challenge this notion and demonstrate the significant, yet often overlooked, advantages CSDs offer, even in environments where data is encrypted by host CPUs/DPUs.

As modern CPUs/DPUs begin to incorporate on-chip compression and encryption hardware accelerators, they pave the way for computing infrastructure to securely minimize data volume, thereby reducing storage costs and network traffic—all while remaining transparent to user applications. This webinar will reveal how substituting standard SSDs with 100% NVMe-compliant CSDs can dramatically enhance the efficiency and benefits derived from CPU/DPU-based secure data reduction techniques.

Through this session, we aim to shift industry perspectives, showcasing how host-side data encryption and CSDs are not adversaries but powerful allies that can synergistically enhance and bolster each other’s capabilities. Watch to discover how your organization can benefit from this innovative approach to data security and management.