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How is uncompressed data costing me customers?

30-minute video

Compression matters. Compression is not new, it’s ubiquitous but the assumptions behind equations behind the tradeoffs we once took for granted have changed. Let’s look at how compression works, where it happens, and how it can optimize the entire data pipeline. Changing how and where the storage processing happens means less data movement, less congestion, and more free cycles for analytics. More data, more problems….so let’s bring it back down to a manageable size and see how the performance and economics shake out. Tune in and let us know how data growth is changing the way you’re planning for the future, and maybe you will be surprised at just how compressible your data is and what that means for you.


  • Compression in the last decade
  • Should I compress in software or in hardware?
  • Demo: software compression vs. hardware compression
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