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5 hidden advantages of hardware-compression (ep.1)

Tim Amundsen, Dir. Storage Architecture Business Development 

13-min video

Unlocking potential in the data center.

Compression doesn’t have to be a tradeoff between CPU utilization and storage efficiency. By moving compression directly into the SSD, compression becomes an accelerator instead of a penalty, avoiding the need to compromise. Compression-enabled SSDs deliver surprising benefits to various applications beyond capacity gains and reduced CPU overhead.

Join us and learn about how the effects of offloaded compression cascade through software and infrastructure as we discuss the benefits of:

  • Improving P99+ tail latency.
  • Overcoming the limitations of LZ4 and other “lightweight” algorithms.
  • Discovering unique benefits to applications like RocksDB and Postgres.
  • Reducing power consumption.
  • Unlocking new application possibilities