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Category: Hardware compression

While both ScaleFlux and Pure provide Flash-based solutions, the two companies are addressing different parts of the storage market. Pure sells All Flash Arrays (AFA) – complete systems with their own proprietary software and management tools. ScaleFlux sells drives for use in any server OEM’s systems. ScaleFlux drives do not require any proprietary drivers or new software to install. The ScaleFlux CSD (computational storage drive) plugs into the same slots that other vendors NVMe SSDs plug into. Both companies offer data reduction in their solutions. Pure manages compression and deduplication at the system level, much like other storage array vendors. At the array level, the focus is first & foremost on maximizing the data reduction, which typically aligns with compressing large chunks of data. The coarse-grain compression is not appropriate for high-performance applications as it introduces significant read amplification and latency penalties. ScaleFlux brings compression down into the individual drives and compresses small blocks of data. The fine-grain compression enables high-performance applications with mixed read-write workloads to utilize compression as an accelerator as well as a storage cost savings tool.

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