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FinTech SSDs problem


Safeguarding data is paramount.

FinTech SSDs Solution


CSD 3000 with TCG OPAL CERTIFICATION and data at rest (DAR) encryption.

FinTech SSDs benefit


Protects against intrusion and physical theft.

“Data security is our customers’ daily concern and it is what we sell. Adding performance and endurance to our renowned secure data solutions is why we chose to partner with ScaleFlux to add computational storage technology to our DIGISTOR secure storage product line. “

– Chris Kruell at CDSG

Challenge: Safeguarding data is paramount

In the world of enterprise storage solutions, safeguarding data is paramount. The ScaleFlux CSD 3000, tailor-made for the enterprise market, stands tall as a fortress, fortified with layers of security, robust performance, and unwavering reliability. We’ll delve into the world of SSD security, exploring the different levels, standards, and methods employed by the ScaleFlux CSD 3000, along with their benefits and limitations. 

From the very inception of the ScaleFlux CSD 3000, security took center stage. ScaleFlux’s holistic approach to security encompasses everything from the hardware to firmware and beyond, ensuring data protection from the moment of power-on until end-of-life.  

Benefits: Protects against intrusion and physical theft

Where does the CSD 3000 stand apart?

  • Comprehensive Security: The CSD 3000 leaves no stone unturned when it comes to safeguarding data, offering a holistic security approach from hardware to firmware. 
  • Data Integrity: With end-to-end data protection and advanced encryption, the drive ensures the integrity and confidentiality of stored data. 
  • Compliance: Support for TCG Opal standards and ULINK certification makes the drive a viable choice for organizations with stringent security and compliance requirements. 
  • Efficient Data Disposal: The Secure Erase functionality simplifies data disposal, a crucial aspect of data management.