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“ScaleFlux’s computational storage solution achieves a perfect balance between low cost and high performance, greatly enhancing the competitiveness of our products.”

General Manager of UCloud Storage and Innovative Product Line

ScaleFlux & Ceph

The HyperFlow Software Defined Computational Storage Solution (SDCSS) developed by Hyperscalers, and ScaleFlux was co-developed to fill a need for an easy-to-consume low-cost yet blazingly fast NVMe based Computational Storage solution. Many organizations want such a solution delivered in the context of the highly-available, mature, and flexible Block, File, or Object storage services provided by Ceph.

TCO in Computational Storage – Compression

Computational storage (CS) transforms how we handle data, and this paper takes a deep dive into how compression impacts performance and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for storage systems.


PhonePe and ScaleFlux