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SFX 5016

Get better utilization, efficiency and TCO out of your data infrastructure.

Building upon ScaleFlux’s innovative controller architecture, the SFX 5016 will set new benchmarks for enterprise NVMe SSD efficiency and performance, making your choice of SSD matter again.

SFX 5016 Controller Chip

In the face of increasing demands for the power in servers, racks, and data centers combined with tightening regulations on sustainability, an SSD controller that multiplies efficiency, sustainability, utilization and TCO can be a valuable tool for SSD and System designers as well as Infrastructure & Operations teams.  

The SFX 5016 stands apart from ordinary NVMe SSD controllers by integrating hardware accelerator engines directly into the system-on-chip (SoC) drive controller. These accelerator engines efficiently and transparently compress the data on Writes and decompress the data on Reads, resulting in SSD performance, latency, endurance, and economics that are up to 10x better than ordinary enterprise NVMe SSDs deliver.  Supporting up to 256TB of data storage, the SFX 5016 handles both high-performance and high-capacity designs gracefully.  

The ScaleFlux team understands that complexity kills.  They’ve designed SFX 5016 for simplicity and ease-of-use with standard NVMe drivers and standard NVMe commands.  So, there’s no rewriting applications or installing new software to use SFX 5016-based drives.  Additionally, the chip’s layout enables designers to use one controller to span across the standard form factors – from E1.S through U.2 to E3.S and larger form factors – to simplify firmware qualification and management. 

Key benefits of SFX 5016

SFX 3000 SoC controller


A robust flash subsystem that boasts 16 channels coupled with a variable length mapping flash translation layer to enable up to 256TB of data storage per controller

SFX 3000 SoC controller


A purpose-built hardware compute engine that turns block-level compression and decompression into a performance accelerator and life-extending sustainability booster


3x the performance/watt of the groundbreaking ScaleFlux SFX 3016 generation  

Working with ScaleFlux

ScaleFlux is currently engaging with customers to build their own SSDs based on the SFX 5016.  ScaleFlux supports several engagement options, from full-turnkey drive-level products to controller with fully-functional firmware, firmware development kit, and drive reference designs. 

Enterprise & Data Center Features

Industry standards – OCP Datacenter SSD Spec 2.0 compliant (version 2.5 pending review) 
– NVMe 2.0 including support for Thin Provisioned Namespaces and Flexible Data Placement, Direct Placement, & Key-per-IO TPARs 
Performance – Up to 14GB/s 128kB sequential read and 11 GB/s 128kB sequential write  
– Up to 3200 kIOPS 4kB random read and 1500 kIOPS sustained random write (750K with incompressible data) 
Density – 256TB maximum storage capacity
– Up to 128GB LPDDR5
Flexibility Support for multiple NAND vendors, TLC & QLC 
Low Power 6W typical active, <2W Idle 
Security – Dedicated security engines 
– TCG Opal compliant & FIPS 140-3 ready 
– Hardware root of trust and key cache 
– AES256 Encryption
Data Integrity – End-to-end CRC 
– Selectable PI (512+8, 4K+8/16/32/64) 
– Tunable RAID Stripe Size 

How to buy 

ScaleFlux SFX 5016 will be available directly from ScaleFlux.