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Xinnor, ScaleFlux squish the RAID rebuild

  • ScaleFlux 
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Xinnor says its software RAID with ScaleFlux compressing SSDs mitigates RAID rebuild impact, meaning less node-level redundancy with distributed data apps.

RAID is used to guard against drive failures when using multiple drives to provide the storage needed by applications. A distributed application, like a database, runs across multiple server nodes and these can need to be over-provisioned to cope with the extra internal traffic and degraded performance that come with failed device rebuild operations in RAID arrays. Xinnor provides xiRAID software with tunable IO parameters and SCakeFlux has computational SSDs with built-in compression technology to reduce device write amounts.

Xinnor/ScaleFlux doc says: ”A key feature provided by xiRAID is the ability to control the rate of array reconstruction, enabling a predictable reconstruction workload sized to ameliorate contention with host IO. The The ScaleFlux CSD 3310 NVMe SSDs feature transparent inline compression that also lowers the impact of intra-RAID reconstruction IO.”



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