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We Designed Our Chips with First Pass Success — and So Can You

ScaleFlux designed its own chips and beat the fabrication shortage. Here’s six strategies that can help your business deploy a chip design process.

Like most thrilling adventures, this one began with a question: When interviewing for my current job at ScaleFlux, a computational storage vendor, in early 2019, my future boss asked me, “Do you think we can design our own chips?” For a small startup like ScaleFlux, it might seem like an insurmountable project. But, appreciating a challenge, I responded enthusiastically, “Yes!”

What are the benefits? You gain flexibility and increase sustainability. You level the playing field so you can compete with major global technology companies. You also retain control of your architecture rather than giving it to someone else. After all, your architecture is your company’s secret sauce. […]

Parag Madhani

Parag Madhani

A talented designer and developer of SoC/ASICs, Parag shepherds projects through the entire silicon timeline from design-win to tape-out, and finally bring-up to ramp-up. With a long history of growing teams operating at high performance for organizations of all sizes, Parag nurtures a culture of camaraderie, delivering high-quality silicon on time, with many First Pass-Successes. Parag has produced projects for many companies, including AT&T Bell Labs and Broadcom; and currently builds the next generation of SSDs for ScaleFlux. On a personal note, Parag is a devout student of the Bhagwat Geeta philosophy, one of the oldest scriptures from India; dated 5000 BC and written in the Sanskrit language.