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Sustainable Datacenter: Strategies to Help You Get Closer

  • JB Baker 
  • 1 min read

Boosting the data center sustainability with the help of ARM cores, extending server life and adopting a green mindset.

Discover insights from JB Baker, VP of marketing at ScaleFlux, on transforming data centers sustainably. Explore strategies for a greener future, aligning IT with environmental goals.

Sustainability is top of mind in every industry, with consumers and commercial enterprises. Sustainability efforts are being explored in almost every direction, including the data center, with headlines like “The era of the sustainable data center has begun.” By 2027, approximately 75% of organizations are expected to have a data center infrastructure sustainability program, predicts analyst firm Gartner. That’s a huge increase from the less than 5% that had one in 2022. […]

JB Baker

JB Baker

JB Baker is a successful technology business leader with a 20+ year track record of driving top and bottom line growth through new products for enterprise and data center storage. He joined ScaleFlux in 2018 to lead Product Planning & Marketing as we expand the capabilities of Computational Storage and its adoption in the marketplace.