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Storage Short Take #61

  • ScaleFlux 
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Webinars, Blogs, and Conferences

StorageReview has a podcast with ScaleFlux about Computational Storage. I’m actually impressed with some of the key questions they ask about scale, pitfalls, and where the computation actually occur.

You can now register for the SNIA Compute + Memory + Storage Summit, happening April 11-12 as a virtual event. There is a lot of computational storage and CXL content, so if that’s your thing you should definitely be looking into it. It’s free.

The deadline to submit your proposal to the SNIA Storage Developer Conference (SDC) is June 16, 2023.

MEMCON is happening March 28-29 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. If you’ve never been to the museum, it’s well-worth your time. It’s a great place for geeks and history nerds (I’m both). You can get 15% off your attendance with the code SNIA15. […]



ScaleFlux is the pioneer in deploying Computational Storage at scale. Computational Storage is the foundation for modern, data-driven infrastructure that enables responsive performance, affordable scaling, and agile platforms for compute and storage I/O intensive applications. Founded in 2014, ScaleFlux is a well-funded startup with leaders proven to deploy complex computing and solid-state storage solutions in volume.