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ScaleFlux To Integrate Arm Cortex-R82 Processors in Its Next-Generation Enterprise SSD Controllers

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ScaleFlux, a computational storage leader, has announced plans to incorporate the Arm® Cortex®-R82 processor into its next-gen enterprise SSD controllers, aiming to significantly boost processing power and efficiency. This integration, a strategic move to harness the Cortex-R82’s high performance and energy efficiency, is set to enhance data processing capabilities and efficiency across data centers and AI infrastructures globally. The Cortex-R82’s advanced processing features and support for the latest PCIe standards promise to elevate ScaleFlux’s SSD controllers, offering unprecedented data transfer speeds and energy efficiency. This development positions ScaleFlux at the forefront of technological advancement in enterprise storage, ready to meet the growing demands for high-bandwidth and energy-efficient storage solutions.

MILPITAS, Calif., March 18, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — ScaleFlux, a leader in deploying computational storage at scale, today announced its commitment to integrating the Arm® Cortex®-R82 processor in its forthcoming line of enterprise Solid State Drive (SSD) controllers. The Cortex-R82, is the highest performance real-time processor from Arm and the first to implement the 64-bit Armv8-R AArch64 architecture, representing a significant advancement in processing power and efficiency for enterprise storage solutions.

ScaleFlux’s adoption of the Cortex-R82 is a strategic move to leverage the processor’s high performance and energy efficiency. This collaboration underscores ScaleFlux’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge technology in its SSD controllers, enhancing data processing capabilities and efficiency for data center and AI infrastructure worldwide.

“The Arm Cortex-R82 processor is a key building block for our next-generation SSD controllers,” said Hao Zhong, CEO at ScaleFlux

Key Benefits of Integrating Arm Cortex-R82 in ScaleFlux Enterprise SSD Controllers:

  • Advanced Processing Capabilities: Harnessing the Cortex-R82’s 64-bit Armv8-R AArch64 architecture and its enhanced real-time processing capabilities will play an important role in enabling ScaleFlux SSD controllers to perform immediate data analysis. This feature is crucial for continued advancement in SSD reliability, performance consistency, and error handling while moving millions of random I/Os per second.
  • Enhanced Performance and Energy Efficiency: The Cortex-R82’s optimal balance of high performance and low power consumption aligns with ScaleFlux’s mission to deliver energy-efficient storage solutions. These next-generation SSD controllers will provide faster data access and processing, reducing overall energy consumption in data centers and contributing to a greener computing environment.
  • Support for PCIe Gen5 and Gen6: With the Cortex-R82 supporting the latest PCIe standards, ScaleFlux SSD controllers will offer unparalleled data transfer speeds, meeting the growing demand for high-bandwidth storage solutions in enterprise environments. Adopting the Cortex-R82 will position the ScaleFlux controller architectures to scale to PCIe Gen6 performance levels.

“The Arm Cortex-R82 processor is a key building block for our next-generation SSD controllers,” said Hao Zhong, CEO at ScaleFlux. “This technology enables us to provide more capable, power-efficient, and intelligent storage solutions to meet the needs of the evolving data center and AI infrastructure. We are excited to be at the forefront of this technological advancement and look forward to bringing the benefits of the Cortex-R82 to data centers around the globe.”

“The rise of AI everywhere means there is more data to process than ever before, but the real value of this data comes from the insights it generates,” said Paul Williamson, senior vice president and general manager, IoT Line of Business at Arm. “ScaleFlux’s new SSD controllers, built on Arm, will bring higher performance, improved security, latency and energy efficiency, giving enterprises the ability to extract value from their deployments efficiently and securely.”

ScaleFlux is poised to unveil its Cortex-R82 powered SSD controllers in the near future, setting a new benchmark for performance and efficiency in the enterprise storage market.

For more information about ScaleFlux and its innovative storage solutions, please visit ScaleFlux.

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