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ScaleFlux Coverage: 11 Cloud Technology Predictions for 2022

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Hao Zhong, ScaleFlux CEO’s predictions on cloud technology have been included in Database: Trend and Application. 

Where is storage going in 2022 and beyond? ScaleFlux CEO and Co-Founder Hao Zhong shares his predictions, via Database Trends & Applications

As data grows—both in size and importance—on-premise storage use will expand in parallel, growing into indispensable infrastructure for a variety of reasons including security, performance, regulation, cost, and latency. On-premise storage will serve all of these critical needs, while the cold and warm storage move to cloud. And we will see continuous progress and innovation in the segment of on-prem computing and storage, as well as with innovation on the edge driven by the need for 5G base stations, autonomous driving, and its associated costs. It will be impossible to store all of this data in the cloud.  

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