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Opinion of Storage Vendors on 2022 Market

  • ScaleFlux 
  • 2 min read

Like every year, has asked 37 vendors for their 2022 retrospective. Here are analyzed these results to found the following major topics:

  1. This year, cloud in multiple flavors (multi, hybrid, private, edge, SaaS and operating model) arrives #1 with more than 56% in all answers.
  2. Without any surprise, ransomware is #2 with 32%.
  3. Then media in various aspects (SSD, NVMe, Tape, Optics), data protection and data management arrive #3 with 24%.

Market has appetite for better, faster, stronger SSDs

The mainstream adoption of computational storage has begun. Two years ago, we believed that the market wanted the choice for something better than what commodity NVMe SSDs could deliver, and in 2022 our assumptions were validated. The market’s quick update of an NVMe-compatible drive powered by Computational Storage technology tells us the SSD industry is ready for a shakeup.

Technology critical to unlocking the promise of edge computing has finally arrived

We have heard about edge computing for a long time, but enabling the data collection and processing necessary to unlock its promise has been limited by a gap in technology designed to operate in edge environments. In 2022, we saw that begin to change. Infrastructure optimized to operate with limited power, minimal maintenance, and denser performance have become more widely available. Our customers who deploy systems at the edge have long asked for high-endurance, high-capacity, high-performance SSDs that also offload compute resources and add no complexity, and in 2022 we have finally been able to deliver that technology.

Fact: Sustainability requirements are now a thing

In 2022, we began to have customers asking how we could help them meet sustainability targets in their data center for power, waste, carbon footprint, and physical footprint. We know this is only the tip of the iceberg, no pun intended, and the industry has a lot to figure out. Still, storage is one of the obvious domains to scrutinize as these requirements get implemented and are already becoming a new way to win business.



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