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Mythbust Your Way to Modern Data Management

  • JB Baker 
  • 1 min read

Artificial intelligence (AI) – arguably the most data-hungry technology to exist – is roaring into the mainstream. The amount of data AI must crunch to produce content or respond to queries is voracious. Describing the volume of data as a needle in a haystack is an understatement; it’s more like a needle in an ocean.

As I/O leaders struggle to optimize and manage the volume of data to process, a spotlight lands on how to make storage more efficient. It will take all the tools and tricks that data science has up its sleeves to balance the trade-offs made across compute, storage, and networking infrastructure resources, including that old familiar favorite…data compression.

JB Baker

JB Baker

JB Baker is a successful technology business leader with a 20+ year track record of driving top and bottom line growth through new products for enterprise and data center storage. He joined ScaleFlux in 2018 to lead Product Planning & Marketing as we expand the capabilities of Computational Storage and its adoption in the marketplace.