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59 Data Protection Predictions from 33 Experts for 2024

For our 5th annual Insight Jam LIVE! Solutions Review editors sourced this resource guide of data protection predictions for 2024 from Insight Jam, its new community of enterprise tech experts.

JB Baker, Vice President of Marketing & Product Management at ScaleFlux

Sustainable Data Storage Becomes a Priority

“With sustainability rising as an urgent priority across industries, data storage solutions will be under increasing pressure to reduce their environmental impact. Organizations are ramping up investments in energy-efficient technologies to meet emissions requirements and goals. Data storage, projected to account for 14 percent of the global carbon footprint by 2040, will be a key focus area.

To minimize the footprint of the data center, storage leaders will need to look beyond device-level specs and take a solution-wide view. The criteria will expand to encompass data compression, energy expenditure, workload optimization, and more. The goal is to maximize efficiency and minimize power consumption across the storage infrastructure. As sustainability becomes a competitive differentiator, we will see rapid innovation in “green” data storage technologies, architectures, and management techniques. The storage domain will play a critical role in driving the sustainability transformation.”



ScaleFlux is the pioneer in deploying Computational Storage at scale. Computational Storage is the foundation for modern, data-driven infrastructure that enables responsive performance, affordable scaling, and agile platforms for compute and storage I/O intensive applications. Founded in 2014, ScaleFlux is a well-funded startup with leaders proven to deploy complex computing and solid-state storage solutions in volume.