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Expanding Enterprise Computing Options with an All-Arm Cluster – The Hammerhead Way

  • ScaleFlux 
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The Hammerhead Consortium leveraged its Ampere Computing-powered cluster in its latest test iteration showcasing a ScyllaDB environment in an all-Arm cluster. The results will be made available in a joint session between Ampere Computing and ScaleFlux at the upcoming ScyllaDB Summit 2023.

The objective was to show the ability to deliver high performance numbers with lower power consumption due to the higher CPU density available with Ampere’s Altra and ScaleFlux’s embedded intelligent computational storage technology.

The Hammerhead Consortium consists of technology and business professionals from Ampere Computing, Arm, Micron, NVIDIA, and SUSE working together to expand the ARM64 application eco-system by testing and validating select compute workloads while holistically improving their overall performance leveraging the product components brought by the consortium.

In other words: “We show a path to what’s possible”. […]



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