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Ultra low-latency: Unchain the power of your apps with xiRAID and ScaleFlux

With Davide Villa, CRO at Xinnor & Keith McKay, Director of Application Engineering at ScaleFlux

The ever-growing demand for high performance in storage environments puts traditional RAID technology under significant stress; we should not discount RAID’s relevance. This webinar is a collaboration between Xinnor, a frontrunner in software-based RAID technology, and ScaleFlux, a leader in computational storage SSD solutions. We will dissect the challenges RAID faces in high-performance contexts and showcase innovative solutions offered by both companies. The session will also feature a compelling case study with Aerospike, a flash-based KV store, to demonstrate the synergy between Xinnor and ScaleFlux in delivering ultra-low latency solutions.

Key points:

  • Challenges of RAID in High-Performance Environments: Gain insights into the performance bottlenecks and CPU overhead inherent in RAID systems.
  • Impact of RAID on SSDs: We will examine challenges like write amplification and capacity trade-offs in SSDs and how Xinnor and ScaleFlux mitigate them.
  • Software RAID from Xinnor:
    • High-performance RAID technology that aligns with NVMe performance.
    • Low CPU overhead.
    • No added hardware components.
    • User-friendly software.
  • Computational SSDs from ScaleFlux:
    • Reducing write-to-read interference.
    • Addressing dual writes in RAID5.
    • Managing reconstruction traffic interference.
    • Extending capacity to recover space consumed by parity data and beyond.
  • Case Study with Aerospike: Discover how combining Xinnor and ScaleFlux’s technologies yields an ultra-low latency, NVMe performance storage solution.

Join us for a must-attend webinar for IT professionals, data storage architects, and anyone interested in optimizing RAID systems for high performance. Secure your spot today to stay ahead of the curve in data storage solutions.

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