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Computational Storage at Scale with ScaleFlux

  • ScaleFlux 
  • 1 min read

Most of us can’t imagine computers before SSDs. SSDs, without a doubt, stand for the best of innovation in storage in the recent years. In one fell swoop, they changed the storage game everywhere, from consumer electronics to datacenters. But as innovation marches on, the…

SSD Expert Reveals 3 Enterprise Storage Trends to Know

  • JB Baker 
  • 2 min read

Solutions Review’s Expert Insights Series is a collection of contributed articles written by industry experts in enterprise software categories. In this feature, ScaleFlux VP of Product Management JB Baker offers his most noteworthy enterprise storage trends to be aware of this year.

ScaleFlux CSD 3000

ScaleFlux CSD 3000 SSD Review

  • ScaleFlux 
  • 1 min read

ScaleFlux uniquely focuses on computational storage at scale. Its new Computational Storage Device (CSD) 3000 is a Gen4 SSD with integrated data compression and decompression engines, which the company says can quadruple capacity and double performance. We’ll be putting those claims to the test.

When to architect for the edge

  • ScaleFlux 
  • 1 min read

When time is money or safety, or you face data compliance regulations, edge computing may be your best bet. Here are 5 scenarios where edge makes sense.