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ScyllaDB Summit 2023 ● Highlights

  • Keith McKay 
  • 1 min read

Where Database Monsters Connect!

In This NoSQL Presentation

In this session, we explore an all-ARM ScyllaDB cluster with Ampere ARM-powered servers and fast NVMe SSD storage from ScaleFlux. We describe the hardware setup and evaluate ScyllaDB performance and efficiency to uncover what’s possible in a completely x86-less cluster.

Discover the latest trends and best practices impacting data-intensive applications. All 30+ sessions available on demand.

Keith McKay

Keith McKay

I love memory and solid-state storage. My obsession started nearly 20 years ago in AMD’s memory group and has since spanned memory design engineering roles at Spansion and SanDisk and SSD applications engineering roles at SandForce, LSI, and Seagate. Today, I’m most excited about helping engineers build efficient, high performance systems using computational storage technology.