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Q&A with ScaleFlux and ICC: Revolutionizing Storage Solutions

ScaleFlux is thrilled to partner with ICC to integrate and support our cutting-edge technology in high-performance solutions. By combining our expertise, we deliver tailored solutions that optimize software, system, and device integration for our customers.

What is ScaleFlux’s core function?

ScaleFlux specializes in storage controller SoCs utilized in our NVMe SSDs. With a decade of experience, our latest generation SSDs offer unparalleled performance and endurance. Our journey began in computational storage, focusing on processing data at its source, showcasing groundbreaking work in database filtering.

Our NVMe SSDs offer seamless integration, enhancing performance and endurance without requiring application modifications. Through transparent compression technology, we optimize write operations, reducing interference and improving read latency. This results in significant space savings, reducing overheads and enhancing endurance up to 10 DWPD.

How user-friendly are ScaleFlux NVMe SSDs?

For customers prioritizing performance and endurance, our SSDs are plug-and-play. Additionally, our NVMe thin provisioning framework simplifies storage management, seamlessly integrating with SDS solutions like Quobyte.

Our solutions have excelled in fintech applications, notably with Aerospike, where transparent compression significantly enhances sustained ops/sec while meeting stringent latency criteria. Furthermore, our extended capacity feature has empowered block storage services to reduce costs without compromising performance.

How can customers access ScaleFlux drives for testing?

ICC and ScaleFlux invite customers to collaborate on their unique challenges, offering a comprehensive POC program for testing our drives’ capabilities. Reach out to [email protected] to explore testing opportunities.

We’re gearing up to launch our Gen5 solution, leveraging a 7nm process to deliver unparalleled performance per watt. Additionally, we’re developing new controllers to address diverse market segments, promising an exciting year ahead. Stay tuned for updates on our latest products and innovations.

Please comment on Linkedin if you have any questions.

Laura Balp

Laura Balp

After almost 10 years in the B2B marketing field for tech companies, I use my skills in digital marketing to help companies like ScaleFlux thrive. On a personal note, I'm a curious and well traveled French woman living in the captivating city of San Francisco :)