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Customer Insights: IT Challenges When It Comes To Data Storage

  • Laura Balp 
  • 4 min read

In February 2024, we conducted a survey of IT leaders to uncover the prevailing challenges and criteria within the IT landscape. The comprehensive results shed light on the multifaceted challenges IT teams face, their efficiency metrics, and critical purchase criteria, especially in the realms of sustainability and technology infrastructure efficiency.

1. Which challenges do you find yourself, or your team, running into frequently?

The poll revealed a diverse array of obstacles faced by IT teams, with a significant emphasis on sustainability and performance guarantees. Interestingly, 52.6% of respondents highlighted the challenge of improving power efficiency as a frequently encountered issue, reflecting a growing industry focus on sustainable practices and the continuing growth in demands on the power supply. 36.8% of participants pointed out the struggle in meeting sustainability goals, paralleling the concerns over power efficiency.

Moreover, the need to meet users’ needs for guaranteed performance and fight constraints on data center floor or rack space both garnered 36.8%, showcasing the balancing act between operational efficiency and spatial limitations.

2. What metrics do you use to assess your IT infrastructure efficiency?

When it comes to evaluating IT infrastructure efficiency, participants were almost equally divided among several metrics. 31.6% of the respondents use cost per user and “work” per watt (e.g., transactions or queries processed, users served, data stored, etc.) as their go-to metrics, underlining the importance of both economic and energy efficiency. Close behind, 26.3% prioritize cost per TB of data stored, indicating a keen awareness of storage cost implications. Additionally, 15.8% focus on the ratio of users, VMs, or containers per server.

3. For your SSDs, what policy do you set for “maximum fill rate” or “maximum utilization” before triggering an alert?

Most respondents set 80%, indicating an opportunity to improve efficiency through greater utilization of capacity – if reliability and performance targets can be maintained.

4. Regarding your storage (SSDs and All-Flash Arrays), which challenges cause you the MOST trouble?

The survey also aimed to uncover specific storage challenges, particularly regarding SSDs and All-Flash Arrays. 36.8% of the participants stated that the biggest challenge is related to SSD drive life or wear-outs. Performance & latency consistency in compute nodes comes second.

5. Which are the most critical purchase criteria for you?

Identifying the most critical purchase criteria for IT solutions was another key objective of the poll. This section aimed to guide vendors and service providers on what factors are most valued by their customers, including cost, performance, brand, and services. Performance gathered 68.4% of the votes.


Those results from February 2024 offer valuable insights into the challenges, metrics, and criteria that IT professionals prioritize. As the industry continues to evolve, understanding these key areas will be essential for vendors, service providers, and IT teams alike to make informed decisions, optimize performance, and achieve sustainability goals. The focus on power efficiency, sustainability, and the balance between performance and spatial constraints highlights the complex landscape IT teams navigate, underpinning the critical need for solutions that address these multifaceted challenges.

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Laura Balp

Laura Balp

After almost 10 years in the B2B marketing field for tech companies, I use my skills in digital marketing to help companies like ScaleFlux thrive. On a personal note, I'm a curious and well traveled French woman living in the captivating city of San Francisco :)